Di-tert-butyl peroxide is a high-temperature active peroxide丨Shandong di-tert-butyl peroxide manufacturer

Di-tert-butyl peroxide is used as a fuel additive to test the starting performance of a compression ignition natural gas (LPG) engine with extremely low cetane number. The results show that di-tert-butyl peroxide can make the cetane number reach 60, thus realizing the engine start at room temperature. Analyze the volatility index and combustion characteristic index of biodiesel, analyze the influence of different additions of di-tert-butyl peroxide on the volatility and combustion characteristics of biodiesel, and provide a theoretical basis for improving the combustion process and emissions of biodiesel. The volatilization of liquid substances is mainly because liquid substances absorb heat, overcome intermolecular forces, and form gaseous substances. Di-tert-butyl peroxide is a high-temperature active peroxide, which is relatively stable to heat. At a temperature of 290°C, a decomposition reaction is initiated and volatile substances are generated, resulting in an increase in weight loss rate.